Send It Rewards

$Send It Rewards are divided into two categories: holder, fixed, and bonus pool.


In the next 20 months, there will be a total of 10 distributions occurring every 2 months.

For involvement in a distribution, individuals need to fulfill the minimum criteria of reserving a Tag, verifying it through SMS, and possessing $Send. The Tag must be linked to a Base address. Engaging in further verification procedures can yield users added incentives.

Distributions involve two pools of Send tokens: the "holder pool" and the "bonus pool." The allocation of the distribution percentage may vary for each distribution.

Each distribution has its own qualification period. Once the period ends, the distribution becomes claimable, and the qualification period for the next distribution starts simultaneously.

Sendtags can be reserved here

Holder Pool

The holder pool rewards users who meet the Tag Registration and Holder requirements. They must reserve a Tag, verify it through SMS, and hold Send tokens without selling them throughout the qualification period. Eligible users are determined by snapshots taken at the beginning and end of each period. They can claim rewards for past distribution periods if they met the holding criteria.

Fixed Pool

Currently, the fixed pool only includes registered Sendtags. For every round, you will be awarded 10,000 $SEND for each Sendtag you have registered.

Bonus Pool

The bonus pool rewards users for completing extra tasks during the distribution qualification period. To qualify, users must complete bonus verifications, register a Tag, and maintain Holder status. Each verification completed increases their share of the rewards from the bonus pool. However, rewards cannot be claimed for past distributions without completing any bonus verifications.

Distribution Example

Total amount: 1 billion (1b) Holder Pool: 650 million (65%) Bonus Pool: 350 million (35%)

In this example, the holder pool rewards users based on the amount of Send tokens they held without selling. The bonus pool provides an opportunity for users to increase their share of rewards by up to 35%. At the start, users begin with a 0% bonus, and completing verifications increases their bonus percentage. For instance, a referral verification might be worth 5%, and users would need 7 referrals to reach the maximum 35% bonus.

Selling $Send from your eligible wallet will make you ineligible for the airdrop distribution.

Distribution Schedules

Distribution #7

Eligibility DurationSnapshot$Send AvailableCriteria





Send It Rewards Rounds

Round #1 - Distributed: 717,100,769 Round #2 - Distributed: 653,359,200 Round #3 - Distributed: 587,803,311 Round #4 - Distributed: 616,508,706 Round #5 - Distributed: 273,296,097 Round #6 - Distributed: 189,564,896

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