Send Tags

Send Tags simplify transactions by replacing long wallet addresses with memorable identifiers.


Enabling the next billion people to enter the cryptocurrency world necessitates a thorough revamp of the existing user experience. Cryptocurrency wallet addresses are characterized by their lengthy, intricate nature, making them challenging to remember. Presently, users are required to use extended strings of alphanumeric characters as their wallet IDs, such as the instance: 0x7104B000B2cbb5...
Send Tags enable users to streamline transactions by replacing lengthy wallet addresses with easily memorable and shareable identifiers. This simplifies the payment process and enhances user experience.
By acquiring and associating Send Tags, such as @dan or @123, with your Ethereum wallet address, you can conveniently share your Send Tag instead of having to manage the intricate and unwieldy wallet address every time you need to send and receive.

Send Tags Registration is now live


Tag Character Length
Price in Eth
6+ characters
.005, each additional .01
5 characters
4 characters
1-3 characters


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